Our online store is open!

Hello everyone,

 Our homepage of the new store

Our homepage of the new store

 After months of preparation and planning, we now have a two thousand item, online store at your finger tips. From prescription pet products, tys, and accessories, our store offers a wide variety of items that ship directly to your home. Our store is being managed by our own staff, so a call to the office is all that is required if an issue arises.  

some advantages of the store include: 

1. Monthly, single dose heartworm and flea products

 Click on this icon off our main webpage to access the store. 

Click on this icon off our main webpage to access the store. 

perfect for those of us on a budget, you can now purchase and autoship a single dose of any common heartworm or flea medicine to your home!  The best part: no shipping! With the "easy dose it" option, you can schedule a single dose of your favorite heartworm or flea medicine to ship directly to your house. 

2. People you can trust

This service is for our clients and run by our staff; if you have a problem, call the office and we will fix it. 

3. Product variety 

From dog food to heartworm meds, this service allows us to offer a large variety of products to our customers and their pets.  

4. Competitive pricing 

Our website automatically checks and matches the online  pricing of other providers. When you shop with us, you can guarantee our prices are competitive with the larger pet care providers. 

5. Keep it local

your support helps us compete with big box providers and online retailers, right here, locally. This service is for our clients who commonly use online sources to gather products for their pets. With your support, we can offer that service with competitive pricing, while also providing our local economy jobs and service.  

Thanks for reading and check it out below! 


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