Spring is coming and with the spring, we see the emergence of fleas/ticks. Fleas and ticks carry diseases that can affect humans and can be potentially deadly to dogs and cats. Having fleas in our homes is also a major concern, and as our pets venture out this spring, make sure they are protected.

Our recommendation is to leave your pets on flea and tick preventatives year round. we have many options for both dogs and cats; below are some of our favorite.

Remember, these creatures are becoming harder to kill; your average walmart variety preventative doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want to keep your pets safe, you will need to invest in solid preventions.



This is a once every three month pill that has been very effective on both fleas and ticks. This is a very solid option for people with dogs. click on the link for more details.

Sereto collars:

Seresto collars are the latest and greatest in the flea and tick line up. For less than sixty dollars( with a $15) rebate, your dog or cat can be protected for 8 months!!! we keep them in stock year round and use them on many dogs and cats.

Frontline tritak:

We don’t use frontline in dogs currently, but it seems to be working in our cats. Remember, cats are very susceptible to tick diseases like bobcat fever, so it’s very important to take care of the fleas and ticks.

This is just a brief list of the products we have this year, but it can serve as a guideline in your research.

Thanks for reading!


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