Tonight was a wonderful night for our clinic family; we seldom have a break in our fast lifestyles, but tonight was different. Tonight, our entire town shut down for the annual Christmas parade. Almost 90 floats were in tonight’s parade, and the excitement of a small town Christmas was almost palpable. Children, adults, and people of all walks of life joined together to celebrate the most magical season.

Tonight reminded me of, “A Christmas Story”, with all the floats , Santa in the jeep, and the animals on our trailer.

The boys on the float.

For the first time in several years, I felt that our town was just one big family; there were no political motives, no debts to be collected, and no more work was left to be done. We were all there to celebrate together. It reminded me of scenes from nostalgic albums, where people lined our square for celebrations, festivals, and car giveaways. It reminded me of a simpler time, and maybe even a simpler place.

It reminded me that in a world where people no longer matter, to us, people still matter. Our peoples’ stories still matter; churches, families, and children still matter. Each one of us matters, and we all have a responsibility to care for one another.

The world, for me, was transactional; I liked the anonymity, but needed a sense of community. I needed to find a place where people still cared, and I found that here.

So this Christmas, put down the iPhone, turn off the television, and tell the people you hold most dear, how much they truly mean to you. It’s your choice, but remember, in a world where people don’t matter, it’s up to you to make them matter.

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