As many of you know, I am an avid fan of Dave Ramsey, and as I listened to his entreleadership podcast in early 2014, his message about mission statements hit home with me.

A few months earlier, I had re opened Todd County Animal Clinic. Though it had already started to grow, I had absolutely no idea how to run a business. I certainly never wrote a mission statement, but as I listened to the podcast, I knew I would need one to govern our business.

“A mission statement defines what you is, and what you isn’t”, Dave said. It was evident to me that Dave’s mission statement was the standard he measured each opportunity with. His mission helped his team define goals, and it kept them on track when making decisions within the company. The mission inspired people, and gave them the opportunity to accel. In short, a mission statement would be essential for our company to succeed as well.

As I tried to define our mission, I reflected on why I restarted the practice. We could have easily built a new practice, a new name, and a new opportunity, but new buildings weren’t essential to the mission we were beginning to form. After about ten drafts, the first part of our mission was written,

“Our mission is to provide cutting-edge, common sense medicine, with excellent customer service, to all species, across western Kentucky.”

As we started to grow, I re visited the mission statement many times. Our original draft was good, but it didn’t fit the scope of what we hoped to create in our hometown.

Also, as the business continued to grow, it became obvious that our mission would reach farther than the bounds of western Kentucky. After only a year, we decided to “update” our mission as a company.

Our mission is to provide,

” excellence in medicine, excellence in service, and Impact in our community.”

Without excellent medicine, we knew we couldn’t succeed in our community, and customer service has been essential from our first day here.

We wanted our clinic to be different, and our people to be approachable, empathetic, and kind to our customers. Most importantly, however, was our desire to be more than a veterinary clinic; We wanted to create positive change In our community.

Over the next few blogs, we are going to explore our mission statement, and explain how each part has been integral to the creation of our clinic. Most importantly, we are going to share how we plan to help our community, and will highlight some programs that are helping make our mission possible.

thanks for reading,

John Laster, DVM

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