A view from Arizona.

I’m reminded daily of how small our world has become. Today, I am in Phoenix; tomorrow I will be back in rural Kentucky. Today, I am at an international symposium for milk safety, and tomorrow I will be home with my family and clients.

Our journey in life, brings us in contact with many amazing people; this weekend, I was reminded of how universal and special the bonds of humanity are.

No matter our culture or background, we operate on basic principles. In a free society, we all desire to have peace, safety, and prosperity for ourselves and our loved ones. We want to be cared about, treated fairly, and we really like it when the guy at Starbucks writes our name on the cup of coffee.

The biblical “golden rule” applies to us all, both in business and life, and guides the decisions of our clinic. We are here to be more than a transactional entity; we strive to be a company of service.

Veterinary medicine is no different than other service industries. It’s all about serving and caring for the people of the community.

I’ve heard pre vet students say they chose our profession because of their dislike for people and love for animals. They soon learn the job is all about the people. People own the animals, people pay the bills, and people choose the vet.

Gone are the days where there is one vet in each town. As the world has grown smaller, people have more options, and they are willing to travel for the best care possible.

At its core, this profession is designed to protect humans from animal diseases, and insure our food supply is the best on earth. It’s about the people, their animals, and the safety of the community.

Its our mission to serve our customers, team members, and community to the best of our ability. Our customers trust us to care for them and their animals, and that is not a responsibility we take lightly!

So we live our mission and use it to guide our daily decisions, ” to provide excellence in medicine, excellence in service, and impact in our community”.

As the world grows smaller, our community grows bigger, and it’s our mission to serve that community well.

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