Everyone has heard of paying it forward, but how many of us actually commit to acts of kindness?

I was in Tennessee recently, to help with a surgeries at another clinic. While I was waiting on a surgery that morning, a gentleman came in and said he wanted to place a two hundred dollar credit on a deserving, yet struggling person’s bill for Christmas. I was dumbfounded. It has become so rare to see selfless, kind acts that I was shocked at the sight!

The company’s staff made a list of deserving people, and one of their main clients stood out as an obvious recipient.

This gentleman has three dogs, and each of them have serious medical conditions. Instead of euthanizing the dogs or giving them up for adoption, this gentleman works nights to pay their vet bills. The man is in his seventies and considers the dogs part of the family; he is a giving and kind man deserving of the kind act of another.

Late in the day, a lady came by whose dog has struggled with diabetes for years . His condition was worsening, and the medical bills were beginning to take a toll on her. She told us she could pay that day, but it would probably be his last visit because of her hardships. We discussed taking payments to help her along, but she said no, she wanted to pay while she could. She then told us she lost her job that day, and would be beginning the search for employment right before Christmas.

As she left, the girls in the office started discussing the situation. The girls ran outside and stopped the lady’s car; they told her about the kind man that morning and how he wanted the money to go to deserving people.

The lady broke down when she heard the news, and was very grateful for the kindness. She later told us she had fifty dollars left in the bank, if the gentleman hadn’t donated the funds.

That day, one person gave of himself and helped two people who were in very tough situations. These acts of Christmas charity bring to mind the real reason for Christmas, God giving his only Son for us. It reminded me that Christmas is about giving. We don’t have to be rich to give, we can give our time or companionship to someone in need. Please remember what Christmas is really about and pay it forward this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Todd County Animal Clinic

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