People often ask if heartworm disease is a risk factor, to their dogs and cats, in Todd County.

The truth is, anywhere a mosquito can bite a human, your pets are at risk. Heartworm disease is carried from dog to dog and cat to cat through mosquitoes. As the mosquito injects their victim, immature heartworms are passed into the skin of the pet. Over the next several months, the small heartworms migrate through the bloodstream and into the heart.


We used to believe that heartworm disease was more common in the lower lying areas of Guthrie and Trenton, but the last several dogs diagnosed have been from the northern end of our county. We recommend that pet owners utilize some form of heartworm protection year round. We currently have six months injectables available, as well as an assortment of monthly pills and topical solutions. Please call into the office or reply to this blog if you are interested in more info on the disease. Remember, heartworms are prevalent, present, and capable of causing serious illness in our pets. It’s not a sales gimmick, it’s money well spent.

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