Earlier this week I traveled to Florida for a meeting. Im a big fan of Simon Sinek anyway, but during this national mastitis council meeting, one of Simon’s people was asked to speak.

His speech was brief but deeply thought provoking. In his time, he delved into the “why” of organizations. He asked the audience what their “why” was.

As I pondered my thoughts, it didn’t take long for me to remember my “why”.

The speaker talked of the “golden circle”, an how leaders can aspire their teammates through strong, common purpose centered around a person’s “why”.

With the recent loss of my mother, and the hole that has been left in my life, a refocusing on life’s most important parts has been essential.

My “why” is simple, but does have several parts.

#1. Also my biggest challenge: is to lead a life that inspires others and glorifies my God.

#2 improve the economic and educational foundation of my community. Help people take back their pride, with a hand up, not hand out philosophy. Welfare doesn’t work fair in my book; it can hurt a person’s image of self worth.

It is our goal to help Todd County grow spiritually, educationally, and to improve the quality of life of its citizens.

#3. Provide excellent customer service, and lead a team of professionals to improve medicine in our area.

#4. To help every dairy in the southeastern United States be sustainable and achieve a somatic cell count consistently under 200,000.

The golden circle also contains the sections on the “what” and the ” how”.

Our what is veterinary medicine.

Our how is through our clinic and microbiology lab.

This is who we are at Todd County Animal Clinic.

What is your “why”?



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