It’s amazing to me the difference ten years can make. A decade ago I was leaving high school and my home behind, now ten years later, life in Todd County has changed a little, and I believe much of it is better.

Ten years ago, companies were taking their jobs to Mexico, gas prices were high, people were out of work, and the county was feeling the same burden the rest of our country felt. Many local businesses were being closed, either due to retirement or due to lack of funds. Elkton especially felt as if it were drying up.

On the surface, the past decade may not have changed Elkton/ Todd county much, but I feel that the spirit of this place is making a big change. There is a youthful and vibrant spirit in town now, the town is truly coming back to life.

The blue moon ball, Christmas parades, fall festivals, and 5 k runs are all community activities that I had never experienced here before. The L and R soda fountain is an unofficial community center, and provides a safe place for our youth to work and visit. There are a whole string of new businesses and returning professionals to our community. The community’s education system is improving with our hard working teachers, and more kids are able to go to college now than ever before.

We still have our struggles and our difficulties, but thanks to the continued resolve of our people, I’m excited about this community’s future. I wonder what our town will be like in ten more years; only The Lord knows, but I’m excited about the prospects.

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