The age of internet offers many worldly conveniences, one of which is the online database for genealogy, ancestory.com. I recently researched my genealogy and discovered in 1620, Thomas leister came to Jamestown, Virginia, as an indentured slave. His father died in England while he traversed the ocean. I wonder how Thomas felt knowing that his father passed away while he was at sea. He got into a courtroom brawl, stabbed a man in the chest, and ended up leaving Virginia for North Carolina. He married a Cherokee Indian named Prudence and their descendants eventually crossed the mountains to Tennessee.

Solomon Laster was a Tennessee son. When war broke out, he joined the confederacy. He was too young for infantry, so he drove horses during the conflict. Following the war, he headed for Todd County; his descendants have stayed here since that time.

Grandpa Solomon with his fiddle

My point is this: what would your ancestors accomplish with the opportunities we have today? Education is easier than ever to receive; a world of information is now a click away on the phone.

We live longer, and some fatal diseases can be stopped with a single vaccination. There is no excuse to be a failure, and there is no excuse to stop trying and learning.

Success looks very different to different people, but there is no better time in history to achieve your ambition.

i recently read a book about living while dying; it was called, “When Breath Becomes Air”.anyone with time to read it should check it out. It is about a neurosurgeon with cancer and how he viewed life, death, humanity, and balancing it all. Click on the bold and underlined title above to view the book, and remember, when you feel like you can’t change your life, think of the people who came before you and the hardships they endured to give you life in a free land.

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