Our community is a quiet, country hamlet meshed between the faster paced cities of Tennessee and central Kentucky. Time just goes slower here; people matter, we visit more, and we care about each other. Our community has good qualities, but it has its faults. People here are loyal, intelligent, and the most hard working group I have ever known. Thus, it begs to question: Todd County, why not us? Who is leading our people to a better tomorrow?

I look at surrounding towns and counties and see growth, more sustainable businesses, and higher income for workers. If you stand on Elkton’s square in the pre-dawn hours, you will see the large number of workers headed to out of town jobs. Our people are going to Hopkinsville, Nashville, and Clarksville for higher wages and better benefits. We each want the best for our families, and often, we have to travel to make a better living.

My question is, why don’t we have the sustainable, large scale businesses here? What makes these larger towns more appealing for factories, manufacturers, and suppliers? Where are our dreamers, entrepreneurs, and growers? Our people deserve the good jobs, better wages, and economic flourishing that our neighboring cities are seeing. It’s up to us to change our future, and create a more sustainable county for our children. When it comes to economic development, it’s our time to grow it.

It’s time for our creative minds to think outside the normal parameters and create businesses that matter. We need leaders, dynamic changers, and entrepreneurs to solve the hard problems, and lead us out of difficult economic times. We don’t need highly paid officials from out of town telling us how to develop businesses. We don’t need feeder cattle in our industrial park ( though I love cows) .

What we do need is a homecoming. We need our creative, young people to come home and create businesses, supply jobs, and raise their children here. We need a union of our council members and county officials for the creation of businesses. If it takes grants, tax breaks, and housing to supply these manufacturers, why can’t we provide it? A collective group of dedicated people can move mountains and create incredible impact. So let’s roll our sleeves up and create our own futures. Below are a few entrepreneurs trying to do just that:

Kenny Clayton L and R soda bar and weathers drugs:

Kenny And Heather serve people and supply jobs. Their team of over forty employees, serve up food, ice cream, and prescriptions at this growing hub in the town square. We look forward to their continued success.

The Southern Design Company:

A sample of the needlework from Southern Design’s spring line up.

Amanda and Susan hurt just launched this company; we hope it flourishes and keeps them busy. Click on their name to check out their designs.

The Painted Chair

Kari Beth and Danielle have been making homes, restorations, and furniture look great for years now. They have talent in interior design, restorations, and just about anything related to distressed furniture. Give them a call today or check out their work on Facebook.

Who will be the next entrepreneur to create change in our community? So far, I think the young ladies are leading the entrepreneur pack. Where are our guys?

thanks for reading,


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