The cold is here, and as you prepare for winter, don’t forget the animals! Here are you a few tips for your large and small animals:

1. Fresh water- people often forget that fresh water is just as important in winter months as it is in summer. Make sure to have water heaters when weather drops below freezing for your outdoor animals, and check water levels twice daily to insure hydration.

2. Shelter- both large and small animals require availability to wind shelters. Rain and snow can drop an animals temperature rapidly, so always remember to provide them with adequate, dry housing.

3. Extra calories:

This is not referring to feeding candy bars to your diabetic, thirty pound Pomeranian! Outdoor animals require more energy when it’s cold outside, so whether it’s horses, small ruminants, or cattle, make sure your livestock animals have plenty of extra food this winter. If Fluffy shivers because it’s snowing outside, maybe you can give her a little treat too!

4. Bedding:

If your pets do live outside, make sure they have a lot of extra bedding inside their shelter.

We hope these tips will keep your animals warm and safe this winter. Thanks!

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