Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized.

After two years of living around and working for the upper middle class, thirty something, charlestonites and franklinites, I’ve learned a little something about yuppies.

First, most yuppies drive escalades, are in debt to their ears, and have fourteen yappy yuppie kids everytime they come into the vet clinic.

Second, yuppies love raw milk and holistic medicine.

Third, yuppies love chickens.

(we will address this on another day!)

Anyway, what is the reference to yuppies and raw milk? Yuppies believe that raw milk holds key ingredients essential to their young children’s well being. Yuppies also believe that raw milk is completely harmless and that the veterinary profession and health officials world-wide have lost their marbles by outlawing it.

These people venture directly to small dairies, weekly,or to local farmers markets in search of, “pets milk”.

Because it is illegal to purchase raw milk for human consumption in most states, yuppies pay premiums, in cash, to farmers for their non- pasteurized products.

This is where it gets dangerous: often times these folks take the raw milk home and feed it directly to young children and infants; these parents actually think they are doing good!

so why do I have a beef with the yuppie generation?

Here are the facts about raw milk and what pasteurization does for us:

– Louis Pasteur pioneered pasteurization in the 1800s to prevent tuberculosis, brucellosis, and food borne disease from spreading from cows to humans through milk.

check the link below for info on pasteurization.


-raw milk contains many bacteria ( staphs, streps, klebsiella, pseudomonas, and mycoplasma just to name a few) not to mention possible E. coli contamination, all of which pasteurization would neutralize.

– unpasteurized milk has the capability to spread tuberculosis, brucellosis, and Q fever to humans if ingested.

check the link below for info on the re- emergence of these diseases in milk:


So if you or someone you know is a yuppie, please pay attention: raw milk has no health benefits!

As veterinarians, one of our main jobs is food safety. We are the first line of defense in the prevention of animal borne disease in humans, and it is my job to de- bunk the myths about milk, especially raw milk. Over the next few days, we will dive deeper into milk myths and explain why our milk is the safest in the world.

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